Chevy Volt Sees New Life

Month after month Nissan is seeing that their first-gen Leaf is producing lower and lower sales figures. The reason being, they are not listen to consumers and the concerns they had with the products first batch. They are essentially saying that it would be too expensive to overhaul their Leaf design. However, if they don’t do something no one will buy it. So they are trapped between a rock and a hard place. And as we see everyday Americans sensibilities in cars is changing. 

Chevy on the other hand had these same problems, the only difference is that they listened; their April sales figures are a testament to this gamble paying off. What Chevy did with their Volt is basically change everything but the name and make a new streamline economic luxury sedan that can compete with Tesla in terms of its price point and performance. Not to say that it is on par with a model S but it may be in the discussion at least when it comes to the model 3. At the very least it is a much cheaper option than the S and gives people who would not otherwise be able to buy an electric car consider it for the first time.omom

Sales of the second-gen Volt are having a meteoric rise. Last month Volt sales were up 119% with over 905 sold in April 2015, to 1,983 cars. For this year on the whole.

This is going to be of huge benefit for the American Auto maker for two reasons. One they are having a huge presence on the road for people to see everyday as a sleek American made electric car. The second being that as we all know Tesla motors is experiencing a tidal wave or orders for their upcoming Model 3 due in 2 years. that said it is safe to say that Tesla is largely hedging the future success of their company around weather or not the Model 3 is a compelling car.

What Chevy gets out of this is 2-3 years to conduct the largest electric car experiment the world has ever seen. What that means is that they are going to have thousands of cars on the road, driving millions of miles every year with an interconnection that will allow them to conduct big data analysis. This is huge and might be the thing that allows Chevy to contest with Tesla in a big way. As of now it seems like when it comes to electric cars there are Tesla’s then there are everything else. But if Chevy can play their cars right and work tirelessly to analyse this data due for 2016-2019 then they could make the first electric car with a huge body of real life data to pull from.

carChevy needs to do something big, because when it comes to big future moves there are none bigger than Tesla and the creation of their Gigafactory. What the Gigafactory is going to do is exceed the worlds current lithium ion battery production combined. So no matter what they are sure to be one the big players when it comes to electric cars and the future.

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