Leaps and Bounds Ahead of the Autonomous Competition

Last Wednesday night the CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk told the audience at the Code 2016 conference that we might be living in a simulated universe. That comment has certainly sparked a large amount of attention, but he said something that’s still got us a bit puzzled when he was asked about self driving cars he said that, ¬†he considered it a solved problem. More over, “we are probably less than 2 years away from selling safe autonomous vehicles.

That timeline is consistent with the one he gave Ars in 2015, but the real head scratchier in all of this remains a bit more confusing and that is every other expert who has been questioned and things that true self driving cars, are at least a decade away.

The autonomous vehicle, ” is designed to perform all safety critical driving functions and monitor roadway conditions for an entire trip. Such a design anticipates that the driver will provide destination or navigation input, but is not expect to be available for control at any time during the trip. This includes both occupied and unoccupied vehicles.”

The experts of autonomous driving companies like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, and Volvo, all of which have extremely active self-driving research programs, have consistently told us the same thing, but Musk has other plans.

The United States is set to get their Model X a whole 6 months ahead of schedule. Tesla Motors plans to deliever its Model X Chinese consumers at the end of June rather than in the first quarter of 2017 the vise president of Tesla Robin Ren told China Daily. Thus the automaker allowed the Consumers of China to begin ordering the car in February which is also ahead of schedule.

Tesla accelerated their delivery plan plan is a also a sign of China’s importance in Tesla growth plan. The car maker entered the Chinese market in 2014 with its Model S but this is in recognition that is entering the space as a foreign car maker which would be very difficult when it delivered just 3,500 cars a years. Since, that time the Tesla strategy has gotten far more aggressive.

The Model 3 Reservation has risen to almost 400,000 orders and this is a fairly unprecedented pre-order.  According to the estimate from the Crain Energy Research Advisors, Tesla is going to ship a little over 400,000 of its Model 3 car by the end of 2020, so no matter what we are going to get to a point. This is to the extent that Tesla could be able to ship 12,200 Model 3 cars could likely be constrained. And after that they hope that they are going to make 64,660 cars as early as 2018. So there is a lot worries that we could not see the proper development in the correct amount of time.

This all being the case there is not going to be hard to see that they are going to be the leader of the autonomous vehicle. There are going to be a big leap in terms of the rest of the competition catching up.



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