The Death of The American Sports Car

When we consider a sports car, as being a genuine ground breaking, carbon guzzling track we see that this is a sports car, and we are struck with imagines of people like Steve McQueen or Bruce Willis going balls to the wall in their piece of American muscle. The problem is, is that when we think of the American sports car we are reminiscing upon a time that has seemed to have pass, that we are no longer in the epoch of the sports car. Think about it, you can’t use one of these puppies in an Uber market, our country is truck crazy or small eco-obsessed. Around every corner, there is no place for the American sports car. Behind this is General Motors not willing to adapt to new markets. h

The Market has charged, what is deemed cool is changed, and even the relative income the US car buyer has to drop on a car has certainly changed. Not to mention the cost of maintenance and the fuel costs are making this entire industry seem to be a relic. says that there was a 52 percent drop in their sales during the first quarter of 2016. “I think there’s a significant change in the desire for driving—I think there’s a significant slowdown in that,” said Erich Joachimsthaler

Coniser the Mustang which is not being a real sports car it is a kind of cheap thrill, that gives the low income person the ability to feel like they are at the helm of a powerful sports car but its a cheap thrill. This is being seen across the board where cheap thrill muscle American cars have come to the fore such as the Chevrolet’s Camero or the Charger to the Dodge Challenger there is a trend that these things are not really taking off as being a cool alternative for the consumer. The thing is, cool is different today. Anyone who wants to go fast who is a millennial is most likely going to be a disciple of the post fast and the furious revolution where they want small quick foreign cars. This is seen most notably in people who want a Mazda or a Subaru. Consider the MX-5 Miata which is small light and almost perfectly balanced its driving equivalent of a bonsai tree some have said. All of these cars are all coming in under the price point of $30,000 and in the US alone these bad boys have reached nearly 373,000 in sales last years which is an increase of about 23 percent from 2014.

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn“The X6 was the first to kind of say ‘We can be a sports car and a utility at the same time,’” said Eric Lyman, vice president of industry insights at TrueCar. “It was a pioneer in terms of what we’re seeing in other products coming to market.”

The car industry is changing and if American car companies want to step up to the plate they have to change, simple as that. We see time and time again that hard hard hardheadedness is the downfall of once great industries giants.

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